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Edge for nail polish Makeup Edge for nail polish Makeup 2
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Are you tired of getting nail polish everywhere? We have found a solution for you!
False magnetic eyelashes Makeup False magnetic eyelashes Makeup 2
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These magnetic false eyelashes offer a length and voluptuous volume, without this effect "false eyelashes". Sophisticated, this kit will sublimate your eyes throughout the day.
Vibrating sponge Makeup Vibrating sponge Makeup 2
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This brush is one of the most intelligent new makeup tools!
Face Illuminator Makeup Face Illuminator Makeup 2
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Illuminate your face with this powder!
Eyeshadow base Makeup Eyeshadow base Makeup 2
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Maximize the intensity, longevity and brilliance of your eye shadow with our base!
Kit 5 Makeup Brushes Pro Makeup Kit 5 Makeup Brushes Pro Makeup 2
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Get rid of traditional paintbrushes and opt for luxury now and forever!
Double head brush Makeup Double head brush Makeup 2
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This multi-function brush guarantees you an easy and perfect application of your makeup!
Cosmetic display stand Makeup Cosmetic display stand Makeup 2
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With this 24-compartment display, no more cosmetics lying around!
Gel Cleanser Makeup Gel Cleanser Makeup 2
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Gel Cleanser

A powerful oil-based makeup remover gel that gently removes long-lasting lipsticks, where other solutions force you to rub your lips!
Eyeliener buffer Makeup Eyeliener buffer Makeup 2
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The stamp that makes your eye liner line for you!
Powder of Complexion Makeup Powder of Complexion Makeup 2
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A perfect complexion to the pixel, without the sensation of layers of makeup that weigh down the facial features.